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Preserving Your Wedding Bouquet with Glycerin: 🌸 A Step-by-Step Guide 🌿

Learn how to preserve your wedding bouquet with glycerin in this step-by-step guide. Gather materials, prepare the glycerin solution, trim stems, soak the bouquet, wait and observe, and remove and dry.

Preserving Your Wedding Bouquet with Glycerin: A Step-by-Step Guide

Materials needed for preserving a wedding bouquet with glycerin
Step 1: Gather Your Materials
You'll need glycerin (available at most pharmacies or online), water, a large container, and a sharp knife or pair of scissors.
Glycerin solution in a container
Step 2: Prepare the Glycerin Solution
Mix two parts warm water to one part glycerin in your container. Stir until the glycerin is fully dissolved.
Cutting the stems of a wedding bouquet at an angle
Step 3: Trim the Stems
Using your knife or scissors, cut the stems of the flowers at an angle. This allows for better absorption of the glycerin solution.
Wedding bouquet submerged in a glycerin solution
Step 4: Soak the Bouquet
Place the trimmed bouquet in the container with the glycerin solution. Make sure the stems are fully submerged.
Wedding bouquet changing color in a glycerin solution
Step 5: Wait and Observe
Leave the bouquet in the glycerin solution for 2-3 weeks. The flowers will gradually change color as they absorb the glycerin.
Drying a wedding bouquet after removing it from a glycerin solution
Step 6: Remove and Dry
After the waiting period, carefully remove the bouquet from the solution. Pat the stems dry and hang the bouquet upside down in a cool, dry place for a few days.

Weddings are a whirlwind of joy, love, and laughter. Amidst all the excitement, it's the little details that truly make the day special. Your wedding bouquet is one such detail, a beautiful symbol of the blossoming love between you and your partner. But what if you could keep this symbol alive, long after the wedding day? At Wedding Rate, we believe in making memories last, which is why we've created a comprehensive guide on preserving your wedding bouquet with glycerin.

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